Chocolate Wedding Favors for Charity!

Show your guests that you have great taste and a heart. Support a charity or raise awareness with gourmet chocolate wedding favors and a meaningful charity donation in one beautiful package! Our delicious chocolate truffles can change lives and raise awareness by combining the tradition of elegant chocolate wedding favors with your thoughtful charity donation. In other words... "Chocolate meets social awareness!"

We also welcome all corporate events!


"The truffles arrived today and they're absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much, I'm so excited to put them out on the tables, they're such a lovely finishing touch - everyone gets their favor and I get my charity donation! Perfect!"
– Kelly, New York, NY

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Truffles for a Cause

combines chocolate wedding favors with a meaningful charity donation. We are the solution for couples who wish to make a wedding donation to their favorite charity and also give their guests fabulous chocolate wedding favors. So if you're thinking about charity wedding donation cards for your event; offer your guests something truly unique! Truffles for a Cause – heavenly chocolate wedding favors with a charitable donation on your special day!


More Than a Charity Donation Card...

Wedding favors have evolved from Jordan Almonds wrapped in tulle to almost anything imaginable – from the least expensive trinkets to exotic gift baskets and even bottles of wine. Couples have also been evolving… Social media and a worldwide view have made a lasting impression on them resulting in a desire to give back on their special day.

The "In lieu of a favor" charity donation cards sprang out of this feeling to give back. There are thousands of on-line cards to choose from and they basically say that we're making a wedding donation to our favorite charity and not giving you a favor.

We love chocolate; especially truffles. We think chocolate wedding favors are a perfect way to say "thanks for coming". No one throws them away – especially if they're exquisite. Everyone's happy – and everyone smiles.

This is where we come in… We reason that you can do both – by donating a portion of the proceeds of our chocolate wedding favors to the cause/charity of your choice. A charity donation card and amazing chocolate wedding favors – it's a delicious partnership! We even give you a choice of different ways you can donate and raise awareness by giving you different options.

Truffles for a Cause has truly filled a void in the market by bringing together traditional chocolate wedding favors with a meaningful charity donation – one truffle at a time.

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