“…We LOVED your chocolate wedding truffles!!! And we have recommended you to so many of our friends!  I’m afraid we don’t have a very good story…but here it is…. We chose 9-11 Twin Towers Orphan Fund (website), for our wedding donation quite literally because we wanted a date after labor day on Cape Cod and this date was one of the available dates at our venue ( because we got married down the cape and it is such a tourist destination, we wanted easier travel/accommodations for our guests, September is when the tourists leave and it also happens to be one of the prettiest times of the year Cape Cod!). We did go back and forth about choosing such a horrible date for so many as the day would, for us,signify the beginning of our new life together but decided that we didn’t want that day to be a bad day forever and we thought that most of the 9-11 victims and their familes would be more comforted that we wanted to turn the day into something special. Having said that, we knew that we didn’t want to ignore the significance of the date and thought a good way to acknowledge it would be to donate through your truffles!! to some 9-11 charity. Through our research we found the Twin Towers Orphan Fund and we chose that becasue those were the victims of 9-11 we most identified with and who we thought would benefit the most from our donation. I have to tell you that so many of our guests were touched by this subtle tribute to 9-11 and loved the chocolate wedding favors and thought it was a wonderful way to remember the victims of 9-11. Also so many had never heard of this charity and have told us they have donated since. So although there is no real significant tie to 9-11 for us, we were happy to make 9-11 Twin Towers Orphan Fund our charity for us and all the guests at our wedding a day of fun, family, friends and love.”

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