If you’ve ever seen a commercial for the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), our guess is that with Sarah McLachlan’s music playing in the background and the dog and cat’s sad faces, it makes you want to adopt everyone of them. So it’s no coincidence that ASPCA has always been a favorite charity that our clients chose for their wedding donations. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was the first animal welfare organization formed in the United States (by Henry Bergh), and was incorporated way back in April of 1866. Initially the cause for animals started with the abuse of cart and service horses in New York city. Let’s not forget that horses were the primary source of transportation and many were badly mistreated. As the years passed and automobiles took their place the ASPCA expanded their watch and concern to general pet and animal ownership welfare.  In 1916, the Society initiated humane education programs in schools, and in 1925 used the new medium of radio to broadcast its message of humane animal treatment in a series of weekly addresses. The ASPCA continually pioneered advances in veterinary medicine, including the use of anesthetic during surgery, the treatment of cancer in animals, perfecting spay and neutering surgery, as well as developing dog obedience training programs, and lobbying for animal welfare bills and laws. The ASPCA’s national headquarters and several major centers remains in New York City and state, with branches in New Jersey, Urbana, Illinois, and San Francisco, California. The way we treat animals large and small is a reflection of ourselves. Thank goodness for the dedicated folks at the ASPCA! Visit their website for more info.



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