“…My husband and I chose Autism Speaks (website) as our wedding donation for Autism research through Truffles for a Cause on our wedding day because it meant something to us personally. We did not want the traditional, impractical wedding favors that everyone either forgets to bring with them when they leave, or gets lost in a drawer at home. We wanted to make it personal. The truffles brought attention to the charity and created discussion among guests throughout the evening which was our intent. We wanted our guests to enjoy the truffles, but also to discuss Autism. I am a Special Education teacher at Chicago Public Schools. I work with families who are not always familiar with autism, therefore struggle being an advocate for their child’s specific needs. I also work with students on a daily basis that do not always have the support system, funds or access to the best care for their special needs. This specific charity, Autism Speaks, creates awareness and child advocacy around autism spectrum disorders. It also raises funds for research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism. I can only hope that through truffles for a cause, we created some awareness of this issue close to our hearts.

My husband and I absolutely loved Truffles for a Cause as our chocolate wedding favors. We wanted something that was practical, yet classy. Having something delicious and edible was definitely a plus, but then being able to contribute to a charity that meant something to us really sold us on the idea. All of our guests thoroughly enjoyed the truffles, and were thrilled that a donation was made to a charity because of their attendance at our wedding celebration. The variety of ribbon colors was vast so we were able to color coordinate the white boxes. We also included a tag that had the same color scheme on it, as well as our names and our wedding date. Having the table tents that described what Truffles for a Cause stood for was necessary as people asked throughout the night what the favors were for, and what the charity was for. All favors arrived 2 days before the wedding in well packaged boxes. We emailed truffles for a cause for our initial order, and then discussed it over the phone. All was handled incredibly professionally and organized. Overall, we could not have been more pleased with our wedding favors.”

Photography by LCD Photography – www.jasonjohnsweddings.com

Kasey and hubby striking a funny pose.
Autism Speaks - Dessert wedding favors for Kasey on plate close up.
Autism Speaks - Group table view of wedding favors for Kasey's reception.

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    Autism has a strong genetic basis, although the genetics of autism are complex and it is unclear whether ASD is explained more by rare mutations, or by rare combinations of common genetic variants…”:

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