Francine & Gabe’s favors were our Dessert favors with new chartreuse & hot pink ribbons with a split combination of milk chocolate/amaretto and white/Irish cream dessert truffles. Their charity donation went to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Dutchess County SPCA (

     “…All our guests loved the truffles. Not just the taste, because they were delicious, but also the idea of having chocolate wedding favors that meant something. It was important that we personalize the favors by having a charity donation of our choosing and then picking colors that coordinated with our flowers etc..!! It was all so perfect. We get a table that looks beautiful, the guests get something yummy and the charities get some needed help. It all works! Why would anyone do anything else?”    Francine & Gabe


Dutchess County SPCA - Close up of wedding favors for Francine w/new chartreuse & hot pink ribbons on kraft boxes.

   Love this whole concept! Brilliant!

Dutchess County SPCA - Little guest at Francine's wedding opening up a wedding favor.

 Here’s  a picture of one our little guests opening the box! So sweet!

Fancine's table setting at reception - chocolate wedding favors


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