Steven & Francina’s Dessert wedding favors were one of the prettiest ribbon combinations we’ve seen in a while. Their colors were light orchid and new chartreuse with dark raspberry and milk chocolate caramel jumbo truffles. As you can see they donated to 2 charities that target cancers – The National Children’s Cancer Society (, to help families get where they need to be financially and emotionally – to give them hope, and their children the best possible shot at survival. They have distributed more than $65 million to families since their inception and they take a “no matter what” approach to help families stay strong, stay positive and stay together. & The American Cancer Society ( which shows what they have in their hearts. Thank you and best of luck to Steven & Francina.

Steven & Francina's raspberry & chocolate caramel dessert favors for the National Children's Cancer Society.Top view of (National Children's Cancer Society) charity card for Steven & Francina's chocolate raspberry & chocolate caramel dessert favors showing their printed ribbons.


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