Kemely hosted a baby shower for baby Mason and chose the National Breast Cancer Foundation (not to be confused with the very popular Breast Cancer Research Foundation which is very popular with our clients), as her designated charity. We do a lot of baby shower parties and this shower is no exception. Her lovely special mention was – “Thank you for celebrating the arrival of Baby Mason with us! We would like to share our blessings with a charitable donation.” Her favors were our Boxed Mini’s in clear boxes wrapped in our “modern style” royal blue ribbons. Very pretty presentation Kemely. Good luck and thanks!

Baby shower favors - close up of top view of clear Mini boxes of favors for baby Mason's chocolate favors.Baby shower favors - close up of charity card for National Breast cancer foundation in center of Mini favors for baby Mason.


     Philabundance  (, is the Philadelphia region’s largest non-profit food bank and hunger relief organization that serves the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley area of Pennsylvania. In 1984 Philabundance was founded by an idealist named Pamela Rainey Lawler who saw perfectly good food going to waste, and, at the same time, saw people going hungry. What started out as a small food rescue organization operating out of a Subaru, 30+ years later, is an innovative, impactful and collaborative organization distributing more than 24 million pounds of food a year to those in need. Philabundance is a proud member of Feeding America, a nationwide network of food banks leading the fight against hunger in the United States. It was this Philabundance wedding donation that Sandra & Matt uniquely chose with their pretty wedding favors.  Their favors were our Boxed Minis with cream colored ribbons. Thanks and good luck to this loving couple!

Philabundance wedding donation close up of Sandra & Matt's Mini favors and charity card.Philabundance wedding donation of close up of printed ribbons for Sandra & Matt tied on white favor boxes.

     We always try to bring awareness to some great local charity organizations. Philabundance, is one of them. Based in Philadelphia PA, They were created in 1984 with the simple belief that no man, woman or child should go hungry. They seek to drive hunger from their communities today and end hunger forever. There are three quarters of a million people in their service area who face hunger every day. Their stories are as diverse as the nine surrounding counties served by Philabundance – working families hit hard by the recession, women and children, seniors trying to make ends meet. To learn more facts about senior hunger issues, the National Council for Aging Care has a good reference article – The Facts Behind Senior Hunger which addresses some of the causes, complications, and cures for senior food insecurity. They are part of a food system that desperately needs additional support. Philabundance provides food to approximately 90,000 people per week – of which 30% are children and 15% are senior citizens – through a network of nearly 350 member agencies including food cupboards, shelters, emergency kitchens and more. To learn more about children and hunger in the US visit the No Kid Hungry website and learn about the causes of hunger. Many thanks to our friends at Philabundance!!! To learn more go to their website.

Philabundance logo

Mary Ellen made a beautiful presentation with these grappa ribbons on our Dessert wedding favors with milk chocolate caramel jumbo truffles. Her charity donations went to the SclerodermaFoundation, along with her thoughtful message to her mother on the charity cards. Scleroderma literally means hard skin, it is an autoimmune, rheumatic, and chronic disease that affects the body by hardening connective tissue. The severity of scleroderma varies from person to person.   It can be a mild annoyance, or it can cause significant clinical problems. For others, it can become life threatening. Thanks for bringing awareness and attention to the Scleroderma Foundation Mary Ellen – our best to you! To learn more about Scleroderma visit their website.

 Scleroderma Foundation for Mary Ellen's chocolate caramel dessert favor display.Scleroderma Foundation - Top view of grappa ribbons tied on white dessert favor boxes - chocolate wedding favors.


     Robin’s Nest Jamaica (, & Hands and Feet Haiti – two off-shore interesting charity wedding favor combinations. Their special mention – “In honor of the children we love who are waiting for forever families.” Both Robin’s Nest Jamica and Hands and Feet Hati are not listed on our Charity page, but you don’t have to chose a charity that is on our Charity page as long as they are legitimate humanitarian charities as these most certainly are.  These Boxed Mini chocolate favors were for Kyndell who is raising awareness for these beautiful off-shore charities. The ribbons were burnt sienna wrapped in our modern style. Best of luck and many thanks Kyndell!

Robin's Nest Jamaica is one of the off-shore charities displayed as Kyndell's favors with charity cards up front