Chocolate Gallery

Our fabulous chocolate wedding favors & event favors are available in many options and ribbon colors. Check out our gallery of favors and use these photos along with our color chart (on our Order Page), to get a perfect match for your wedding or event. If you have any questions about ribbon colors or a color that you don't see, give us a call or email us at

Aqua ribbons tied on kraft favor box with chocolate mini truffles inside.

Aqua Ribbons on Kraft Favor Box

Assembly view of dark chocolate raspberry foil favors in white boxes.

Assembly of Dark Chocolate Raspberry Foil Favors

Azalea ribbons on white boxes with choccolate foil truffles inside.

Azalea on White

 Aqua ribbons on white boxes for a baby shower with chocolate mini truufles inside.

Baby Shower - Aqua on White

Lt. Blue ribbons on Mini favors with silver chocolate mini truffles inside.

Baby Shower - Lt. Blue Mini's

Black ribbons on white boxes with caramel chocolate truffles inside.

Birthday - Black on White

Black ribbons  on Kraft boxes with chocolate mini twist truffles inside.

Black on Kraft

Black on White

Boxed Mini Favors

Brown & Royal Blue on White

Burgundy on White - Assembly

Burnt Sienna on White

Coral & Aqua on White

Coral & Brown on Kraft

Corporate Party - Royal Blue on White

Deep Sage on White - Assembly

Deluxe Dessert Favor with azalea ribbon.

Deluxe Foil Favor with pewter ribbon.

Deluxe Foil Production

Dessert Favors

Favor Table - Azalea & Pink on Kraft

Favor Table - Pink on White

Favor Table - Purple on Kraft

Foil Favors

Gold & Burnt Sienna on Kraft

Gold on Dessert Favor

Petal peach ribbon on singe piece kraft favor box with chocolate caramel twist truffles at a single table setting.

Grappa on White

Hot Pink & New Chartreuse on Kraft

Hot Pink on White

Ivory Mini Favors - Assembly

Ivory on Kraft

Ivory on White

Ivory & Pink on Mini's - Assembly

Leaf & Raw Silk - on Kraft

Iris & Scarlet on Mini Favors

Mixed colors - Modern & Trad.

Mixed Colors

Navy & Azelea on Kraft - Assembly trays

Navy on Kraft - Assembly

Navy on White - Assembly

Navy & Pink on White

Chartreuse & Leaf on White

New Chartreuse, Lemon Grass, Leaf & Sage

Peach on White

Peach, Ivory, Silk, Gold & B. Sienna

Petal Peach & Royal Blue on White

Pewter & Royal Blue on Kraft

Pink & Lt. Blue on White

Pink & Navy on White

Pink on Kraft - Favor Table

Pink on Kraft

Purple on White Assembly

Raw Silk on White

Scarlet on Kraft

Scarlet & Royal Blue Mini Favors

Shipping - Inside Box

Silver & Baby Maise on White

Silver on White Assembly

Table Setting - Brown on White

Table Setting - Leaf Green on White

Composite view of multiple customer orders ready for shipping - all with chocolate mini truffles.

Ready for shipping!

Table Setting - Pink on White

Table Setting - Silver on White

Twist Favors

Watermelon & New Chartreuse Mini Favors

White on White Dessert Favors

Close up inside view of our dessert and foil chocolate truffles of our favors.


Our wedding and event favors are made of the finest quality chocolate and the purest, natural, most delicious ingredients.

Chocolate truffles were first created by N. Petruccelli in Chambery, France in late 1895. This European confectioner mixed chocolate and heavy cream together to form ganache – a thick, creamy mass that is the center of the truffle. The ganache or center was then shaped into small spheres, dipped in chocolate (milk), and then rolled in cocoa powder or on a wire rack. Because of their similar appearance, rarity, and the status they share as delicacies with the truffles found in the forests of France, these confections became known as truffles.

We searched high and low to find a local vendor that made chocolates that we could use as truly exciting and delicious chocolate wedding favors – a unique taste experience. We found a wonderful company in Vermont that was established in 1915 and made a premium line of truffles the old fashioned way. The freshest heavy cream from local Vermont cows, the purest cocoa and semi sweet chocolate, sugar, chocolate liquor and wonderful natural flavorings are the main source of ingredients in their chocolate favors.

Our gourmet chocolate truffles are made in this exact European tradition and are shipped to us fresh daily and are the foundation of our wedding and event favors. Because of the charitable nature of our business, we have a saying – “it’s really not about the chocolate.” That said, we send out samples all the time, but it’s important that you know we really care that we can offer a line of exquisite wedding favors that we’re extremely proud of and more important you will too!

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