“Approximately 7 months before our wedding, as we were in the debate between a donation and an item for our favor, my niece (flower girl), was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 2 1/2.  The diagnosis was a shock to the family and immediately pushed our decision to have a donation.  We wanted to combine something that would be a donation with an item for the guests.  Many people think individuals with Type 1 Diabetes are unable to have sweets when in reality the disease is about managing all of it and sometimes those sweets can save their lives.  The use of the truffles served as a reminder that Type 1 diabetes individuals are not prohibited from the little joys of a piece of chocolate.”

     “My husband and I being in our mid to late twenties have been to a number of weddings.  We have received the coasters, frames, etc. that typically dot a table as a favor.  A few recent weddings had started the charity trend with bracelets related to the cause or a little sign describing the donation.  We wanted to chose a wedding favor that would both represent the charity of our choice, look presentable and taste delicious.  Truffles for a Cause truly satisfied all of those requirements!!  The company was VERY easy to work with and the truffles arrived perfect the week of our August wedding.”

(Karen & Brian’s favors were our Foil Favors tied with Lemon Grass ribbons with dark raspberry & dark chocolate truffles. Their charity donation went to JDRF.)

Portrait of Karen & Niece with (Type 1 Diabetes) before wedding - donation to JDRF

 Photos are courtesy of Mike Lee Photography.

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